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Family Life

  1. Stinkin’ Thinkin: Defeating Negative Self Talk -Jim Coil
  2. Fear of Success: Identifying and Eliminating Self-Sabotage -Jim Coil
  3. “A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine”: Humor, Hope and Health -Jim Coil
  4. A Women's Need for Comfort: Why it's so import to nurture and comfort oneself and how to do it -Erin Cragin
  5. Thriving Emotionally in The Season of Motherhood -Erin Cragin
  6. Addiction --- how it impacts families -Jo Henry
  7. Abandonment Wounds -Jo Henry
  8. Caregiving & Caregiver Burnout -Jo Henry
  9. Mental Illness Across the Years --- development issues -Jo Henry
  10. Parenting grandchildren --- the new trend or going back -Jo Henry
  11. The Mind/ Body Connection --- based on The Body Remembers -Jo Henry
  12. Nurturing Joy and Peace -Wendy Kaiser
  13. Tuning in to a Better Relationship with Your Child -Wendy Kaiser
  14. Grace and Shame: Healing from Our Pasts -Victoria Kim
  15. Parenting: From Slavery into Sonship -Victoria Kim
  16. Understanding Anxiety and its Role in Functioning -Victoria Kim
  17. Training Them in Love: Parenting Classes and Workshops for Parents of Young Children -Dr. Jennifer Konzen
  18. The Power of Parenting: Preparing for the Middle School and Teenage years -Dr. Jennifer Konzen
  19. Creating Meaningful Ceremonies for Your Kids -Kimberly Nelson
  20. Anti-Bullying -kimberly Nelson
  21. Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking -Dr. Diana Sjostrom
  22. Emotional Poverty in the Family -Dr. Diana Sjostrom
  23. How Different Are Your Adult Learners? -Dr. Donald Welch
  24. The Holiness Connection for Families -Dr. Donald Welch
  25. Marriage & Family -Dr. Donald Welch
  26. Parents & Teenagers -Dr. Donald Welch
  27. Parents & Children -Dr. Donald Welch


  1. Boundaries: When Loving You is Killing Me -Jim Coil
  2. Care-frontation: Caring Conflict -Jim Coil
  3. Resolution Skills -Jim Coil
  4. Grief, Loss & Trauma --- based on H. Norman Wright -Jo Henry
  5. The 5 Love Languages -Jo Henry
  6. Forgiveness --- how many times? -Jo Henry
  7. Building an Authentic Church Community -Victoria Kim
  8. More Than Imagined: 3 Day Weekend Marriage Intensive -Dr. Jennifer Konzen
  9. The Intimate Marriage: Sexuality in Marriage Workshop for Couples -Dr. Jennifer Konzen
  10. The Intimate Marriage: Couples Group Therapy on the Marital Sexual Relationship -Dr. Jennifer Konzen
  11. Sex and the Supremacy of Christ: A Workshop for Married Women -Dr. Jennifer Konzen
  12. Prepare Enrich for Premarital Couples -Dr. Jennifer Konzen
  13. Prepare Enrich Facilitator Trainer -Dr. Jennifer Konzen
  14. Reigniting the Spark in Your Marriage -Kimberly Nelson
  15. Transforming the Character of Marriage -Dr. Diana Sjostrom
  16. Finding Your True Self in the Sacrament of Marriage -Dr. Diana Sjostrom
  17. Marriage-God's Challenge to Grow into Emotional Maturity -Dr. Diana Sjostrom
  18. How Sexuality Develops Spirituality in Marriage -Dr. Diana Sjostrom
  19. Conflict Resolution Methods When Dealing With Difficult People -Dr. Donald Welch


  1. “Think on These Things”/ Retrain Your Brain: Mind Renewing Strategies for Peak Thinking, Feeling, and Acting -Jim Coil
  2. Gratitude and Well-Being: The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude and Hope -Jim Coil
  3. Bridging the Generation Gap in the Korean-American Church -Victoria Kim
  4. Leadership Principles Within Group Process -Dr. Donald Welch
  5. How Adults Learn Best -Dr. Donald Welch
  6. Integrating the Christian Life and Knowledge -Dr. Donald Welch
  7. The Minister’s Family Relationships -Dr. Donald Welch


  1. Crossing the Line: Substance Abuse or Addiction? -Jim Coil
  2. Crossing the Line: When Destructive Habits become Addictive Disorders -Jim Coil
  3. Grace & Addiction -Jim Coil
  4. Grace & Perfectionism: When am I Good Enough? -Jim Coil
  5. Shame & Grace -Jim Coil
  6. Addiction and Intervention: Getting the Addict -Jim Coil
  7. Help When They Don’t Want It -Jim Coil
  8. Eating Disorders workshop: Workshop for youth leaders and pastors to learn to identify and help someone with an eating disorder -Erin Cragin
  9. I Keep Clicking My Heals and Nothing's Happening: Exploring Patterns That Keep Us Stuck? -Erin Cragin
  10. Practical Tools For Overcoming Anxiety and/Or Self Soothing vs. Self Medicating -Erin Cragin
  11. Chemical Dependency and Recovery Support Groups -Dr. Jennifer Konzen

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