Diane Dameron

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMFT 27112

Phone: 619-858-3105 x 152

Chula Vista Office

It takes courage to seek a professional therapist and entrust that person with your thoughts, feelings, and goals. It takes time to find the right therapist who has the specific knowledge, skills, and experience to assist with your unique and individual requests. Therapy may provoke many questions that you have been struggling with but may have put aside due to the daily tasks of a hectic daily routine.

Life brings a tremendous amount of challenges, surprises, and questions our way. I would consider it an honor to provide you with a professional, safe, confidential environment to examine your challenges, values, belief systems, goals, and questions. Together we will set an appropriate pathway to examining answers, uncovering strengths, positive skills and healing. Therapy can help you when you are wondering what a loving relationship should look and feel like to you: What being a good parent means to you; what does giving of yourself to all of the important people in your life mean; how should you do that; what would it look like; how do you manage your children and household when your active duty spouse is forward deployed; how do you help your children cope with separation anxiety of yet another deployment; how do you accomplish your mission if you are wondering if your family is prepared for your absence and will be safe at home; how do you grieve loss; how do you transition from high school to college and begin investing your time in a degree, vocation, or profession that is right for you. As a licensed therapist I can help you walk through these important questions and life circumstances. There are therapeutic methods that can be used to sit with you and open the pathways to thought, exploration, answers, and healing.

Solution focused problem solving
Insight oriented
Strength based
Expression through play

Professional Experience

  • Youth counselor/mentor. Regis House Community Center, (Sisters of Social Services) Santa Monica, CA

  • Pre-school teacher. Santa Monica Presbyterian Church Pre-school.

  • Pre- school teacher. Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church Pre- school.

  • Lecturer of counseling and field experience. Mount St. Mary’s College.

  • Intern/teacher serving children with special needs and their families. Julia Ann Singer Center, Los Angeles.

  • Clinical Counselor. South Bay Community Services, Chula Vista, CA.

  • Adjunct lecturer of Child Development, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA.

  • Clinical Counselor. Fleet and Family Support Center. Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Coronado.


  • Individual and family therapy-children with special needs that have experienced pervasive developmental disorders. Speech, language, expressive, autism, visual perceptual, anxiety, social emotional. Ages 5-10.

  • Parent/child relational issues. Step family, adoptive family, school related issues, liaison and coordination with teachers/school counselor- IEP support.

  • Couples communication. Identifying the level of intimacy, identifying strengths, setting out the pathway to reach more positive level of communication and happiness.

  • Examining parenting team issues. Compare and contrast families of origin and how parenting philosophies were formed. Work towards a more positive and cohesive parenting team.

  • Individual, couple, and family therapy assessment, counseling, case management, crisis intervention and appropriate referrals of active duty military members and their families. Individual counseling to active duty service members who were self referred, command referred, or base Chaplain referred. Assisting the active duty service member develop healthy strategies to cope with work and family related stress and enable him/her to return to the command and family feeling more empowered. Strengthen and enhance couple and parent /child communication as they face a PCS move, forward deployment, or assignments in harm’s way. Stress management, separation anxiety, spouse readiness, family deployment readiness, full deployment cycle support, dual active duty couple support.

  • Taught the Navy Engaged and Married Couples Workshop (PREP) class.

  • Participated in the Navy CISD (critical incident stress debriefs) of civilian employees.

  • Participated in the twenty-four hour family information center services as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

  • Academic/college advising for active duty service members and their families. Assisted the military student explore the right kind of degree that would benefit his/her military career and increase chances of obtaining the dream job after retirement. Assisted with successful course and degree completion while on shore and forward deployed.

Education and Training

  • M.S., Counseling Psychology Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles

  • B.A. Child Development Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles

License and Membership

  • Licensed Marriage Family Therapist #MFC 27112

  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)


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