Jennifer Konzen
Psy.D., MFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #MFC 51241

Director of The Center For Sexuality

 619-858-3105 x145

 The Center For Sexuality works in Conjunction with
 The Center For Enriching Relationships, Inc.


The Intimate Marriage

The quality of intimacy in marriage has a very significant impact on the marriage relationship and the family. The Intimate Marriage is a group or individual program that utilizes Graduated Intimacy, a step-by-step experiential marital sex therapy intervention for couples to gradually increase verbal sexual intimacy. For many strong, stable couples, the sexual relationship can be full of pain, frustration, disappointment, and sadness. This intervention provides a road for couples to reach a new experience of intimacy.

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You may be a couple who can relate to some of the statements below:
“We have a happy marriage, but our intimate life is a source of pain, frustration, and disappointment.”
“I love my spouse, but we cannot even talk about this area of our life let alone see anything changing.”
“We have always wanted our intimacy to be great, but we need some help with how to get there.”
“We have had some physical challenges that have affected our sex lives, and we don’t know how to overcome them or talk about them.”
“There has been a lot of damage that has happened in our marriage, and we are having a really difficult time being intimate with one another, not just in our sexual relationship, but also overall.”
“There is a lot of anger and resentment and hurt around our sexual relationship and we don’t know how to overcome that or how to bring about healing and change.”

The Center for Sexuality has a two-fold mission:

1) to provide quality sex therapy to couples in San Diego from a Christian perspective, and
2) to promote training for therapists wanting to work more confidently and effectively with couples challenged in the area of sexuality. A goal for The Center for Sexuality is to provide sex therapy to couples who have experienced challenges in the following areas:

  •  The need for more Knowledge, Experience, and Help to Improve Marital Sexual Intimacy
  •  General lack of Intimacy in Marriage
  •  Frustration and Disappointment in Marital Sexual Intimacy
  •  Affairs and Pornography
  •  Challenges with Desire and Arousal
  •  Vaginal Pain: Dyspareunia, Vaginismus, Vulvodynia
  •  Erectile and Ejaculation Difficulties: Erectile Dysfunction, Early Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation
  •  Sexual Trauma
  •  Sexual Addiction

Number of Hours

From two to twelve hours
– either a 2 hour intro or
full weekend retreat

 16 hours over two weekends

open ended  

Formats Offered:

Type of Meeting

Large Group Conference style


Small Group Group Therapy Intensive:
8-12 couples

Individual couple sex therapy  

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