How I Talked To My Boyfriend About Pornography Pt. II



I’ll admit it—I am not the best at conflict or difficult conversations. The first time I confronted my boyfriend about something, it took me 30 minutes to get one sentence out. I stood there, saying it word by word. Since then, I have gotten better at confrontation and difficult conversations and am still working on it.

A few months back, I had to approach my boyfriend about the topic of pornography. In my innocent mind, I thought it would be an easy conversation since I assumed he had never struggled with porn. Much to my surprise, it quickly turned into a difficult conversation that shed light on some of his sins.

So, with this turn of events, how did I approach this conversation with truth and love? Let me start off by saying that this conversation is normal and healthy to have, as well as important. Many of my friends who are in relationships have had this conversation with their boyfriends, and it has significantly shaped their relationships for the better. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you approach this conversation.

Pray. The most important thing you can do before you have this conversation is to pray. There’s no doubt that this conversation will be full of emotions and uncertainty, so being in prayer before you have this conversation will ultimately help you during this conversation.

Stop and Listen. The second most important thing you can do when having this conversation is to listen. It is not your job to do the talking, but simply to hear what your boyfriend is saying. This is his struggle, and therefore, his choice to be telling you. If you simply stay quiet, use nonverbal behavior to show that you are listening, and occasionally offer an empathic statement, the other person will continue to talk.

Don’t just listen with your ears—listen with your heart. In an honest and difficult conversation, it is essential to listen with your heart to what they are saying and feeling. Listen and try to truly understand where they are coming from, what emotions they may have such as hurt and shame, and how they feel towards themselves. Listening with your heart means that you listen empathically, not critically.  

Ask questions gently. If you have questions, ask. I’ve found that if you are in a difficult conversation, it is better to ask your questions right then rather than continuing to bring them up at random times. When you ask your questions, make sure to do it gently. For example, instead of asking, “Well, when did you stop looking at porn?” try, “That must have been really difficult. How were you able to stop?” By simply changing the tone of your voice and adding in a few words of empathy, you will be able to ask your questions in a non-threatening, non-judgemental way.

Be honest. I think my biggest regret from our conversation was not being honest right away. I did not tell him how sad I was or how much it hurt me in the moment. Because of that, later on, I had to bring up the conversation again so that I could explain how I felt. It is essential, to be honest up front so that later on nothing will come as a surprise.  

It is important to remember in this moment that this is not your fault; this is something with which your boyfriend is struggling. Also, keep in mind that this issue won’t just go away, so do not avoid this conversation. Although it may be extremely difficult, you need to know your boyfriend’s struggles so that you will have full knowledge of whom you are dating. This conversation can be very beneficial, bringing light into a once dark area.

It is a difficult conversation, no doubt, but it is well worth having. Pray before you go into this conversation, and pray throughout. Go into this conversation with a kind heart and a forgiving spirit.

This article was originally posted on the Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships and was reposted with their permission.  The original article can be found here.

How I Talked To My Boyfriend About Pornography Pt. I



Never in the first year of dating my boyfriend did I think that he had ever struggled with pornography—not him: he was too good of a person! So when I heard that almost all men, especially college-aged men, have struggled with pornography at some time in their lives, I immediately thought, “At least not him!” I was so confident that he had never struggled with it, so I never thought to ask.

It wasn’t until I was in class when I thought to bring it up with him. I was taking a course called, “Christian Perspectives on Relationships,” when the subject of pornography was discussed. In class, my professor addressed the levels of addiction and how to deal with and support a porn addict. After class, I went up to my professor and asked, “In a dating situation, at what point should an honest conversation about pornography be held?” She told me that it should be discussed within the first year of dating, before anything gets too serious. Since we had been dating over a year, I decided it was time to have this conversation. I had no clue how to approach it, but told myself that I needed to bring it up within the next month.

Later that evening, we were driving back from dinner when he asked me what we talked about in my Christian Relationships course that day. “Here goes nothing,” I thought to myself as I began to tell him we had discussed pornography and the levels of addiction. He responded with something like, “That is super prevalent, even at this university.” There was my chance. “So, have you, umm, ever…” was all I could say before he looked down and said, “Yeah.”

My heart broke. I felt betrayed and deeply saddened at the same time. Before I could say anything, he started to tell me his journey and struggles with pornography. For him, it started at a young age, and after a few years, he decided to deal with it. After being held accountable by his youth group leader and father, his addiction subsided. He expressed how difficult of a journey it was and how it is still a temptation.

I looked him in the eyes and said, “I am so sorry that you have struggled with that, and I truly appreciate your honesty. Just know that I forgive you and love you just the same.” He told me that he was going to tell me, but was just unsure of how to bring it up. As we discussed further, I felt an odd sense of peace—he is honest and open, even about his sins.

We agreed that within a dating relationship, I should not be his main accountability partner for something such as lust and pornography, but his guy friends and older men should be.

I am thankful we had this conversation because as a result our relationship has changed. It has been a good change — a change to complete honesty, no hiding, and no shame. A simple conversation, approached with love and forgiveness, was extremely difficult, but well worth it in the long run. 

This article was originally posted on the Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships and was reposted with their permission.  The original article can be found here.