Will Therapy Work for Me?

— by Will Armentrout, MA, IMF Registered Intern #75851

Supervised by Donald W. Welch, Ph.D., LMFT, License #LMFT 50129

Before starting therapy, many people ask, "Will therapy work for me?" I believe that therapy can work for almost anyone, as long as four crucial components are in place. The following components are essential to achieving your goals:

1. Our relationship

Numerous studies show that a strong therapist-client connection predicts success in therapy more than the type of therapy used by the therapist. In other words, if we connect, we are likely to do some good work. I will do my best create an environment where you feel safe to express yourself without fear of rejection, judgment or condemnation.

2. Therapy designed for you

I consider you the expert on you. Only you can teach me about yourself and guide me into your world. I will strive to understand your view of the problem, your goals and expectations for therapy, how you think change will occur, and how fast you think the treatment should take. In this way, our work together will be tailored uniquely to you.

3. Your strengths and resources

Unfortunately, we are not always able to see ourselves as clearly or positively when we are struggling. I will help you to rediscover the resources that you have always had but might have overlooked. I will encourage you to consider your spiritual beliefs to discover your spiritual resources.

4. Your commitment

How committed are you to pursue healing? As we work together, I promise to invest my energy, insight, compassion and guidance to help you get what you seek. But I cannot do the work for you. All I ask is that you apply yourself. Change is only possible, if you pursue it. Only you can change you. Without you, nothing can happen.